As last year, Walibi Belgium invited us to put all our expertise in creating a unique Halloween event. After the gigantic success of the 2006 Hotel Fantôme, Independent Promotions again created a huge Haunted House.

We services the client with an exhaustive package: inventing the storyline, lay-out, directing, … The project even encompasses managing the media-deals.

New in this year’s project is the creation of a brand new second haunted house called Horror Fest. Again an ‘all-in’ product. Inspiration for Horror Fest has been found in the all-time horror classics. You could easily meet Dracula, Zombie, or even encounter other legends as e.g. Freddy Krueger.

This year, we also re-created Walibi Belgium’s entry zone. Even a dedicated and unique score has been created. Again evidencing the strengths of us (see our famous 4 C’s). All of this building on our years of experience in music and show business.

Our experience and drive are your guarantee for a top level product at a very reasonable price. Any wonder both of our haunted houses at Walibi turned out to be a gigantic success?


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