One of our greatest asset is our shear endless fantasy and creativity. This is evidenced by the long standing relationship with Walibi (CDA-Parks).

At multiple occasions, we perplexed the amusement park’s audience with unique events. From the grand opening of the most expensive attraction ever deployed within the Benelux (the interactive dark ride ‘Challenge of Tutanchamon’ – presented in the remains of the abbey of Villers La Ville) to the Barnum opening in 2005 where we accurately accompanied the name change from Six Flags Belgium to Walibi.

Since 2006, we also have our own “turn key” attraction during the Halloween season. We created the extremely succesful Hôtel Fantome, where unsuspecting visitors are suddenly confronted with the most terrifying scenes.

Some examples of our creations for Walibi:

  • Hotel Fant’ome
  • VertiGo
  • Grand Opening Walibi
  • Grand Opening “In Search Of Tutanchamon”
  • Parade
  • Halloween 2006
  • Halloween 2007
  • 30 Years Walibi
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